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11 januari, 2018
15 mei, 2018
Despite the substantial recovery of the Spanish market, the main motor behind MP’s growth is the international market. Over 2017, more than 5000 new customers in over 100 countries chose MP lifts and escalators, with exports currently accounting for almost 90% of the company’s sales figures.
In Europe, where MP has its main sales markets, it is continuing to grow through its offices in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Rumania and the Czech Republic.
MP’s lifts are manufactured in Andalusia and Aragon. In December 2016 the project to join the company’s workplaces in Zaragoza was completed and in April 2017 the project to join our workplaces in Seville at the Calonge estate began. This project will be finished in June of this year with the construction of a new R&D center- a 1,200 m2 facility with a 25-meter high lift test tower, which will house numerous laboratories and test centers.
This is yet another step forward in terms of MP’s model of innovation, which continues to invest 3% of turnover in R&D and has a research team made up of 46 members of staff.
Amongst the research projects launched last year, one of the best-received was MP Connect, which allows MP lifts to connect to the internet, thus improving the service offered, as well as safety, amongst numerous other benefits for passengers. Moreover, MP finished the auditing of its annual accounts, which show positive results and a 9.6% growth rate in terms of turnover. The Group’s consolidated turnover was 136.1 M€ and its EBITDA 10.5 M€, the latter representing a 33.6% increase.
The Group currently has 1255 employees, 451 of whom are based outside of Spain, and also generates indirect employment for 1200 individuals.

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